This Never Shared Case Study Helps You Build You Next 6 Figure Challenge Systems
This Never Shared Case Study Helps You Build You Next 6 Figure Challenge Systems

How we helped a coach to launch a $133K cash-collected 5 days challenge (share all insider secrets)

How we helped a coach to launch a $133K cash-collected 5 days challenge (share all insider secrets)

by spending just $1398 on ads, get highly qualified leads & setting up automated followup system while taking the stress off from client’s shoulders

Some snapshots from this campaign

$133k Cash Collected
Facebook Ads leads Generation Campaign
Email Marketing leads

Witness our client’s journey to his "2 Comma Club Award"

This client of ours approached us when he was damn tired of burning money on marketing every single month without getting any significant returns.

He was trapped in the same loop as any other coach.

  • His outdated free webinars weren’t converting
  • He was able to book sales calls through VSL funnels but leads were crap
  • Tired of talking to unqualified and garbage leads who were just wasting his time
  • Exhausted of pushing out 1000s pieces of content (garyvee style) but didn’t get any traction through it

The worst part was that he lost more than $25k in trying different marketing agencies stars and moon to him but didn’t deliver a profitable campaign.

Ohh waittt? Don’t tell me that you are also going through the same loop.

I feel bad for you then but good at the same time as you have landed at the right place.

Stay with me and hear on…

We took his campaign in our hands with his last hope on us!

We figured out all the loopholes and after wearing our marketing hats on, me and my team pulled off an all nighter to make a solid 6 figure 5 Days Challenge.

And how here’s where things become interesting and crazy.

Client was expecting even if we make him $15k from this campaign, he would be super happy.

But we are crazy folks who don’t settle for less and we pulled off $133k cash collected by just spending $1283 on ads.

The crazy part was how we did all of it in backend.

Let me tell you that drama of the same now.

Oh wait, not here…….

I have recorded a video explaining the whole process in detail, so optin for the same have a look at the video and watch it thoroughly and brace yourself for your next 6 figure challenge,

Will you? 

Who We Are?

Hey there!

I’m Deep Patel, and I’m so excited to help you to transform your coaching business while signing up a bunch of clients, every single month, for your high-ticket offers using my 5-Day Challenge Framework.

The exact framework I used with a coach to have a $133 Cash Collected Month – not the revenue, I’m talking about cash in back, simply by sticking with the framework.

And not just one, but over the last couple of years…I’ve worked with multiple coaches to launch their first or next 5/6 figure challenges without freaking them out with incomprehensible work LOL.

I’ve seen firsthand the power of this framework in transforming coaching businesses, and I can’t wait for you to experience it too.

In any case if you’re thinking, “Are 5-day challenges is the only way to win?” Well, the answer is NO…but,

After working with lots of coaches and witnessing countless launches, I can promise that challenges are the best-est way to engage your audience, build trust, and ultimately, convert cold leads into paying customers.

The best part? You can achieve all this in just 5 days!

And here, I’m giving you access to the entire case-study video showing how I did for one of my clients, step-by-step, sharing my screen…so that you can setup and launch your very own 5-Day Challenge.

Let’s rock n launch 🚀

Some more client results

$190k revenue in single month
Helping our clients crush their revenue goals
This is just front end revenue of challenge tickets