Hey! If you are reading this then either you are looking for an email marketer for your business OR you got to know about me from somewhere and wanna confirm “are the talks or the results really true?”

In both scenarios, you have landed on the right.

Because…here, I have shared the screenshots of a few results I have brought my coaching clients (which I can surely bring for you too 😉).

Managed email lists ranging from 1k contacts to 150k+ contacts!
Now, industry-standard open rates – 20%
Almost every email hitting 22%+ open rates consistently!
Client’s Account #01
Client’s Account #02
Here’s a
of one of the client’s account
Back to back crazy open and click rates
How the heck is this possible?
Segmentation always works (if done right)
4.43X increase in Open Rates
+ 39% reply rate with zero optimization expenses
(beating the industry standard reply rate which is between 3% to 5%)
And 9.71% on another campaign…still beating the standard!
I filled my client’s inbox with a ton of replies
…within a week of starting the email marketing campaigns
And not just once, but again and again, everytime (on-demand).
BTW…not just replies – but personal replies!
Eventually converting them into super hot leads
Ready to pay you money right away!
Because, my email list management system is not just about getting you more techy numbers (open and click rates) but about making your subscribers – your fans.

Moreover, if you are concerned about the welcome email…then here’s the result.
66% Open Rates on the Welcome Email
And 68% open rate on one of the other email campaigns
Hey, I also do cold email lead generation…
87.8% Open Rate With 4.3% Reply Rate For Cold Email Outreach Campaign
I remember that this campaign booked 2 calls of high-ticket clients within 5-6 hours of sending 50-60 emails.

Out of which, the client closed 1 for $5000/month + 10% commissions on monthly revenue.

“Are these results and screenshots really real?” 

YES! They are…

And if in case you are thinking that “all these screenshots of different accounts and different campaigns” then well…

You Are Right!

I am intentionally doing that to let you know I am not one of the budding email marketers who is flexing on just one result.

With my email management strategies, I have worked with over 12+ clients specifically and got them results again and again and again.

I can surely help you to achieve similar results!

Let’s hop on a call and share stories + expectations to know if we are a good fit for each other.

Trust to talk with you very soon 🙂