Let us book calls with the best quality leads for you

Automate Your Appointment Calls Booking Work With The Best Leads For You Business

…so you focus on serving them results, not finding and converting them!

Hey, we know it’s a little hard to believe that you can outsource and automate your business’s entire lead generation process.

But that’s the way how businesses scale exponentially.

Because you know it, neither you nor your team can go on a sales call with every lead generated – but only with super-qualified leads.

And that’s what we’ll bring to your business – the super-qualified leads.

BTW, just to update:

Hence, we’re qualified to help you with your lead generation!

We can discuss more on a call? (Heck: it’s free + I love sharing detailed strategies for no cost).

We’ve worked with brands like…

Okay, let’s talk actual results

#01 Kevin Edgar 

4 qualified leads generated & 2 Clients closed at $1300 each in just 11 days of onboarding through Facebook Group Organic Outreach.

#02 Atul 

1 Bigshot client closed for Atul’s IT agency, which resulted in $8.5k in lifetime value in just 1.5 days of work.

Yeah, that’s $8.5k in 1.5 days – not a typo 😂

#03 Sashanka Dutta (Marketing Agency Owner)

9 qualified appointments were booked for Sashanka’s marketing agency in 23 days of onboarding, resulting in $27k in revenue.

#04 Leon 

$10k in cash was collected for our client Leon in 1 month of work. This was a special campaign for us since we helped him go from $0 to $10k.

#05 Santosh Nair
(Sales & Business Coach)

We used multiple appointment booking pages and funnels to get the best quality leads…

And here are the results…

In total, we have generated over 179k+ leads in a span of 10-12 months, generating revenue of $500k (in Q1 & Q2 of 2022 alone) 👇

#05 Business Consulting Organization

Generated 806 qualified appointments of people with turnover ranging from $10k to $1M for a Business Consulting Organization within 1.5 years which alone brought on the revenue of $500k.

#06 Steve Jones (Ecom Product Owner)

Apart from companies and personal brands, we’ve also helped ecom stores to generate leads and sales. Amazing right? 😁

Basically, no matter which industry you are working in…We can generate the best quality leads for you!

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