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How I Got 150+ Enrollments For My Course Before Even Creating A Single Module

Without Spending A Dime On Advertising & Not Even Doing Pushy Sales Like Other Coaches!
This is something I used to do for my clients in the coaching industry in my agency over and over and over again and so, I thought why not to do it for myself.

But now, if you are thinking…
TRUE – It’s surely nothing new, but proven.

Moreover,  I don’t see many people out there getting 150+ sales without even 
– Creating the course
– Any amount on Advertising
– Being pushy/aggresive while selling
And I do this day in and day out for my clients as well.

And do  others show any proof upfront?  Here’s mine 👇
PLUS, do you actually have the step-by-step blueprint to replicate it for your coaching business with a deatiled case study?

If yes, cool. You might not need to get my blueprint if it’s working for you

If no, cool. You can get my blueprint+casestudy (for free – forever).

And BTW…

Neither this page will go down today or later.

You can either access my ____ now OR later when you ‘feel’ like.

Till then, please keep trying to attract people to your coaching program via social media posting or simple webinar funnel which don’t converts anymore.

Best wishes 🙂
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Hey there!

My Name is Sashanka (Sash-ank), working with an remote team in India.

We’ve been doing this Internet marketing thing just for 3 years! (not an oldie, who’s been doing it for decades)

Yet! We’ve helped the best of best in the idustry like Entrepreneur, Teachable, Jordan Belfot (to name a few)

Not to brag, but we’re considered the one and only funnel expert agency in India, because our funnels made more than $5 million dollar collevtively in just a year…
So…you know me now!

If you are reading till here that means you are super-duper interested but a little skeptic (which is fine).

You anyway don’t have to pay me anything.

Just click the “Get The Instant Access” button, fillin your details, and poof. You’ll get the acess deatils on your email.

Sound good and fair. It actually is 😉