Case Study

Scaled Ashish Bagrecha's Podcasts to #1 Trending Podcasts in India

We scaled 3 of his podcasts which were released back to back in a period of 1.5 years and made all of trend on No.1 position in terms of listeners and made a very strong knit community from it.

But, how did we do it?

Let me take you through Stages of preparation & execution that we did


Step 1

At Social Gambit, we don’t help you become creators, we help you make an impact in the society. So, first question that we brainstormed upon is, what will be the impact of Ashish’s voice? what do we wanna serve to the people
through his voice?

Step 2

After deciding the purpose of this podcast, we stressed upon Ashish’s core abilities, which is talking about his own journey of mental-health, love, relationships, people, trauma, social-media etc which is also integral parts of our life’s journey. We finalized the perfect niche of the podcast.

We figured out the Niche. Now was the time to finally prepare content that makes an impact

Step 3

As said earlier, our aim for people was to ‘try’ to change the perspective and narrative of their lives
and since it was going to be a Hindi original, we came up with a beautiful name for the Podcast – “Koshish- ek behtar zindagi ki”. The title was so self-explanatory of what people can expect from this podcast and hence we decided to go
ahead with this name.

Step 4

When we were doing our research for the topics, the first thing we decided was the age-group, Our target in terms of age-group was 18-24 and 24-35 given the content nature we had prepared. Based on Ashish’s Instagram audience we figured what 18-24 years audience are struggling with in their life and what is it that 24-35 years people wants to hear. We wanted Ashish’s podcast to be the answer to people’s questions.

How did Ashish become the no.1 podcaster? Was it all in our hands?

Step 5

That’s how we designed the topics, our titles were basically the questions that a lot of people has like “how to move on? To marry or not? How to find the purpose? How to get out of a toxic relationship? We knew that these subjects are Ashish’s forte and people would love to hear his perspective in his voice.

Step 6

Apart from Word of mouth, we ran ads and targeted the audience we made this podcast for. Also, as we say we are the partners in crime for our creators and hopping onto different adventures in marketing is something that we always look forward to. So, to make this podcast reach to masses we curated a special hamper that resonates with the topics of Ashish’s podcast and sent
out to macro influencers so that they can post on their social media handles. This was something that was trailblazing and the podcast skyrocketed to no.1

How we always get amazing results.

Social Gambit helps creators become impactors. we firmly believe about making a dent in the universe for a good. All creators are blessed with the power to do something good while they grow their numbers across media channels & earn financially well. Social Gambit just helps these creators get the best out of them and make them impactors. We understand you, feel you, get the best out of you, present the world the best of you & finally get you the best results.

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