Our team.

Regan White

Founder & CEO

An author, poetess, and the IG Marketing queen with a following of 135K+ followers on Instagram alone who will personally consult you at every step.

Ashish Bagrecha

Co-Founder & CMO

Poet, podcaster, and course creator with a massive following of 1.3Mn+ followers on Instagram alone and ____

Regan White

Growth Consultant

Full-time IG marketer who has helped many well-known brands to grow on IG within a few months.

Ashish Bagrecha

Content Manager

The content machine of the team always has crazy and hooking ideas to connect with your audience deeply.

Ashish Bagrecha

Customer Success Manager

The management guy who ensures all the operations stay on track so you can grow sooner than you expect.

Regan White

Social Media Copywriter

The full-time copywriter who crafts content so good for your IG that your audience will read it to-bottom always.

Ashish Bagrecha

Graphic Designer

He manages the entire designing part for everyone - the team and all the clients from 10K - 1Mn+ followers.

Ashish Bagrecha

Tech Expert

He stays 100% up-to-date with all IG updates and how we can use them to gain maximum followers

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