Learn to launch your course within 15 days (or less)
Learn To ‘Setup & Launch’ Your Course In 15 days (or less) While Saving 96% Of The Overall Cost
That other ‘already established coaches’ are paying every month for creating, managing, and promoting their courses in just the ‘hope’ of getting more enrollments.
1st October (Sunday), 7 PM onwards
Live Q&A Session & Bonus Checklist
Also, I’ll share the detailed ‘Setup & Launch’ checklist and step-by-step blueprint inside.
  • Co-Founder and CEO of TagMango
  • Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia
  • Featured in ___
  • Worked with India’s
  • leading creators
  • One more
Finally, get started with your own course and build a loyal following of paying members
Build your own coaching business (from scratch) without any external help
No need of buying any expensive tools or dedicated support team
no (1)
No tech knowledge is required in any sense at any stage of this process
Listen To The Past Attendees
Hey there…Divyanshu here!

If you don’t know me, I’ve shared my quickest intro below, which you can read later. For now, just know that I’m a person who has closely worked with a loooot of coaches & creators…

…right before they were actually coaches.

Huh? What does this mean?

To put it in simple words, I’ve helped them to get started with their very first course when they were just in the “planning stage” for really very long (like you?)

Including me and my other fellow friends who were trying to monetisze their skill, were going through some same set of problems like…
  • Don’t know how to setup a course and hence it was taking a lot of time
  • Unable to Charge high
  • How to tackle increasing competition
  • All tools were costly & super expensive and many of them didn’t have the budget to afford them
  • few started but couldn’t automate the business and got in the never-ending loop of solving everything
  • Unable to build a community/cult

I assume you might be going through some the same situations!

And hence, I do understand the inside frustration that you might have. You actually see people around you launching their coaching programs, workshops, and courses even in collaboration with some agencies or whatever.

And you are just planning to do it, but life keeps on happening every day, and you are delaying it!

But, no worries…

As I’ve helped many people with the same problem, I can help you too.

And just for that sole purpose – I’ve planned this masterclass!

Yes, I have something to sell but this is not gonna be like some other boring masterclasses filled with full-blow sales scripts. We prefer only value sharing and helping coaches & creators

Thats what TagMango is known for…

PLUS to make sure you join, I am keeping this free (and spending money on ads to show up on your feed 😶).

The only thing I want from you is…if you aren’t interested, please close this page now.
Inside The Masterclass, I’ll Share…
Here’s My Quickest Introduction
Hey, Divyanshu here (again)!
If you are planning to launch your own online course…NOW IS THE TIME.
PLUS, if you register for this masterclass today and attend it till the end…

I’ll share the checklist that we personally use at TagMango for generating over 1Cr+ revenue that you can follow step-by-step to monetize your knowledge and skills ASAP using workshops/courses.
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